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About Us

At Medicbulletin, we are very dedicated to giving everyone valid, clear and valuable health and wellness information that is evidence-based. We have a team of experienced health professionals, who will be giving information on topical health issues, as well as health education and awareness on varieties of health problems. We will guide you to make the right decisions about your health challenges.

Our Team

Dr Chinedu Nworie

He is the main contributor and editor. He is a public health enthusiast with a medical background, who has over seven years of experience working as a physician and public health educator in Nigeria. He worked across public and private sectors within rural and urban communities. He has a Master of Public Health from the University of Aberdeen, United Kingdom, and presently works as an emergency room physician at Damad General Hospital, Jazan, Saudi Arabia.

Joy Uchenna

She is a nurse with a strong passion for general health education and cares for the sick. She is certified to practice in both Nigeria and the UK. She practised in Nigeria for two years before proceeding to the UK to practice nursing. She is available all day to contribute positively to your health needs.