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Breastfeeding Back Pain; Causes and Tips for Relief

Breastfeeding Back Pain; Causes and Tips for Relief

Breastfeeding is a pleasant and comforting experience but sometimes can result in ill effects on your health. Breastfeeding back pain is one of such effects. Though it is very common to have back pain as a breastfeeding mother, this can worsen if good measures are not put in place. This is particularly more common in mothers who had back pain while they were pregnant. The benefits of breastfeeding outweigh the risk. So, a breastfeeding mother has to make efforts to prevent the back pain so that it will be relieving. It provides good nutritional value to the child, boosts the child immunity and enhances bonding between the mother and the child. The primary aim of this article is to look at those things we do that cause back pain to a breastfeeding mother. We also look at some important tips on how to avoid it.

What Causes Breastfeeding Back Pain?

It is important to know some of those things you do as a mother while breastfeeding your baby that cause back pain. Knowing would help you improve on them to get relief. We shall be discussing them below:

Pregnancy Weight

The extra weight from pregnancy exerts pressure on the spine to cause back pain.

Labour and Delivery

The contraction of the womb that occurs during labour and delivery also exerts pressure on the mussels of the back causing muscle pain. This pain can continue for days after the baby is born.

Improper feeding position Causing Breatfeeding Back pain

It is advised that you position your baby well. Also, pay attention to your position, and support yourself well while breastfeeding.

Previous injury causing back pain

Breastfeeding may worsen back pain in a mother who previously had back pain from injury or accident.

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How to Relief Back Pain While Breastfeeding

As we said earlier, breastfeeding is meant to be pleasurable, but when you battle back pain in the process, it can be frustrating. Here are some of the tips that can help you relieve back pain while you breastfeed your baby.

Pay Attention to Your Breasfeeding Position

Sitting in the wrong position while you are breastfeeding your baby is the commonest cause of back pain. Unfortunately not every mother knows this. It is highly advised that you pay close attention to your feeding position. Do not lean forward. Try to sit comfortably. The practice is, bring the baby’s mouth to the breast, and not the breast to the baby’s mouth. Breastfeeding in a lying position can be comforting. Try it!

Use of Pillow for Support

Leaning forward to breastfeeding your baby may put a lot of stress on your back. To avoid this, you should use a pillow to prop up your baby’s position to make him come closer to the breast. Or you can put a pillow at the back to provide extra support.

Use a Comfortable Chair

If you want to sit to breastfeed your baby, ensure that you choose the right kind of chair. Avoid sitting in a deeply cushioned seat that makes you sink deep into. This can cause you back pain. Rather sit in an upright position. A firm chair would help you achieve this, and may provide you relief from back pain.

Get a Massage to Rellieve Breastfeeding Back Pain

Getting a relaxing massage can be relieving. Ask for help from family members when you need one to enable you to take care of your health. While you pamper your baby, you will also need to pamper yourself too. Do you get it?

Take a Walk Daily to Avoid Breastfeeding Back pain

This can help strengthen your back muscles. Take a break after a while of breastfeeding, and walk around. You must not go far if you think it is not convenient. You can take a walk around the home. Though it will be good to take a walk in an open place for about half an hour. This will help strengthen your back muscles to give you relief.

Rest When Your Baby Sleeps.

Take advantage of the time your baby is sleeping to rest as well. Sleep and adequate rest for a mother who recently delivered are both relieving physically and mentally. The best time to do this is when the baby is sleeping. If you do this, may be less likely to have back pain.

Start Exercise Once You Rocover

Complete recovery takes about six weeks after delivery. By this time, your body is supposed to go back to its non-pregnant state. At this time you can start with light exercise and yoga to get your body back in shape and to strengthen it. You can start a little, maybe 10 daily. Then you can gradually increase. Doing this will provide relief from back pain while breastfeeding.

Stay Hydrated to relieve Breastfeeding Back Pain

Do not forget to drink adequate water while taking care of your baby. When you are dehydrated, you can feel exhausted. It can also lead to different kinds of pain. Drinking about 8 glasses of water in a day can help.

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